Ready-To-Install Modules -
Exactly as You Need Them

Our customers always expect the best. And rightly so. Because we deliver surface finishes which do justice to even the highest standards of quality for finished products. Trust our abilities in the areas of:

  • Stainless steel machining
    • Grinding
    • Polishing
    • Blasting
    • Pickling
    • Washing 
    • Tumbling
    • Annealing
  • Coating Technology
    • Wet painting
    • Powder coating
    • Cathodic dip-coating

    The total customer focus and strong quality awareness of all our team members is essential for the flexibility that our customers expect from us. We are pleased to be able to prove this day in, day out.

    Annealing Technology
    Our continuous furnace allows to recrystallise deep-drawn parts. A permanent monitoring of process parameters ensures the results of the annealing. Especially in the area of complex deep-drawn stainless steel components, recrystallization allows further drawing processes.