Specialist for Pressed Parts
and Welded Assemblies

Umform- und Fügetechnik Eisenach GmbH (UFE) is our automotive subsidiary specialising in stampings up to 16,000 kN pressure force and welded assemblies. The company has forged an international reputation as a supplier to all major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers as well as the household appliances and shop fittings industries.  The automobile industry in Eisenach has history going back more than 100 years.

After Benz in Mannheim and Daimler in Cannstadt, the Eisenach factory was the third company to begin building cars in Germany.  After making its own “Dixi” model, Eisenach became the first factory to produce BMW cars in 1928.  In 1952, the factory began building the East German Wartburg model. After unification, UFE grew out of the former press and body shops at the Eisenach car factory.

UFE joined the Cologne-based Kohl Group on 31 December 2007. In addition to existing plants in in Cologne and Treuenbrietzen as well as a subsidiary in Poland, the Eisenach plant complements the overall supply chain making the Kohl Group your expert partner for all of your metal processing needs.