Focused expertise
for the automotive industry

Kohl Group's three automotive subsidiaries are well-known for their reliable expertise in processing various metals into high-performance parts for the modern automotive industry.

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Spring support
Welded assembly of sheet metal and tube
with adjacent complete assembly, unit for gearbox

Lagerbock Kupplung

Clutch bearing block
Welded assembly of sheet metal parts, fitting for clutch pedal

Lagerbock Bremse

Bearing block for brake
Moulding of aluminum, holding fixture for brake pedal


Brake pedal
Welded assembly of various sheet metal parts and tube


Module support parts
Mouldings made from aluminum including punched nuts


Airbag frame
Welded assembly of sheet metal parts,
holding fixture and bracket of airbag components


Centre bearing
Welded assembly of sheet metal parts and tube,
bracket for split rear bench seat


Spring plate
Welded assembly of several components;
for the production of this unit, welding processes such as
projection welding, resistance and MAG welding are used

Halter Spoiler

Spoiler support
Shaped sheet metal part including weld nuts,
fixing part for spare wheel

Verstärkung Türschloss

Reinforcement for door lock
Welded assembly of formed sheet metal parts