About 1900

The current site of Kohl Group AG is a tannery in the 19th century and later becomes a carpentry cooperative.


The shop burns to the ground.


The land is sold to Dr Martin Böhme of Berlin. Gehre Dampfmesser GmbH is founded. Max Gehre is considered a pioneer of calorimetric technology. Treuenbrietzen manufactures flow metres for gas, steam and liquids.

Sumplex Flow Metres | Dr. Kroeber & Sohn GmbH
Sumplex Flow Metres | Dr. Kroeber & Sohn GmbH


Gehre Dampfmesser GmbH declares bankruptcy.
Dr. Böhme & Dr. Kroeber GmbH is founded with the same product line.

Kroeber M4 | Dr. Kroeber & Sohn GmbH
Kroeber M4 | Dr. Kroeber & Sohn GmbH


Another bankruptcy. Re-founded as Dr. Kroeber & Sohn GmbH with about 120 employees. The production range is expanded to include water level gauges, pressure gauges, small internal combustion engines and parts for the Brandenburg BMW engine plant.

Treuenbrietzen Gauge Factory
Treuenbrietzen Gauge Factory


Expropriation by the East German government and reopening as the state-owned VEB Messgerätewerk Treuenbrietzen with about 160 employees. The pre-war production program is resumed.

By 1957

About 300 employees. The production is expanded to include hydraulic controller blocks, temperature gauges, oil gap filters and water metering devices.


Becomes Unit 6 of VEB Geräte- und Reglerwerke Teltow.

1959 – 1966

The number of employees grows steadily to about 390 employees. The company is expanding. New buildings are added. Social facilities are built for staff members. The product range is extended with devices for plant construction such as pneumatic servomotors, shakers, pulse stimulators and power transducers.

Temperature Controllers
Temperature Controllers

1968 – 1975

The number of employees grows to about 450. New buildings are added. The manufacturing technology is supplemented and updated. The product line is expanded to include Ursapond components, a new hydraulic controller block and the production of consumer thermostats and petrol-powered mowers.

1977 – 1987

The number of employees grows to about 645 employees. Treuenbrietzen takes over VEB Elektrowärme Belzig. The production range is extended to include the production of thermostats for automatic burners, signalling systems for the East German rails and WSSB Berlin, laboratory control transformers and traction magnets.


PZ80 vehicle equipment and track magnets for the rails transferred from the Teltow plant Production of approximately 8 million thermostats in 32 models. The first R400 lawn mower with rear discharge is produced.


Spin-off from the VEB GRW Teltow and beginning of state trusteeship.

December 1990: The state trustees sign off on a sale backdated to 1 July 1990 to Mr Wolfgang Ohrem of Cologne as the principal owner and Mr Volker Kempa, Michendorf. The entire range of products is affected by the loss of markets and is “put on trial”. New sales outlets are sought and new, targeted strategies are developed.

The developments after 1990 represent a new chapter for the industrial site at Leipziger Strasse 109a.


  • Development of a new generation with of lawnmowers with electric and petrol engines
  • Construction of a new production hall with 8,200 square meters of space and central offices
  • The machining and thermostat press shops were converted into the "Technical Services" profit centre formed and began to focus on the supplier market


  • approximately 320 employees
  • Founding of Stanztech Treuenbrietzen Blechformteile GmbH with Brüninghaus & Drissner from Hilden as co-owner; shift of VW small-part press from Braunschweig to Treuenbrietzen thus starting renewed focus on the automotive industry
  • cessation of thermostat manufacturing after loss of all markets


The high level of performance is certified according to the DIN ISO 9001 quality standard.


Focus of corporate strategy to 5 business sectors: 

  • Stamping
  • Machining
  • Railway technology
  • Lawn mowers 
  • Assemblies
  • Assembly of modules for the distribution of mail (up to 2005)


  • Production of Siemens high voltage technology spare parts from Wattenscheid to Treuenbrietzen
  • Assembly of bread slicers for Rösen & Robbert (through 2000)


  • approximately 220 employees
  • Cessation of lawn mower production due to low profits
  • Split-off of former divisions/profit centres into separate companies
  • In addition to Stanztech, the following companies were founded: GTMB Metallteilfertigung GmbH (metal parts), GTB Bahntechnik GmbH (rail technology), GTSE Stromverteilungsanlagen GmbH (electricity distribution units), GTMF Güterverteilungsanlagen GmbH (freight distribution), Gerätewerk TBR Verwaltung GmbH (as a management company).
  • Investment in first welding robot and production of first welded assembly for VW
  • Stanztech becomes a system supplier


  • Stanztech invests DM 950,000 on its first 400-tonne stamping and forming presses


The group reorganises for the future. The Kohl Group AG becomes a holding company with subsidiaries in Treuenbrietzen and Cologne. The sole shareholders are Wolfgang Ohrem and Volker Kempa.


  • approximately 300 employees
  • Plant extension by a further 2,200 square metres, logistics improvements
  • ABB Ratingen shifts machining to GTMB in Treuenbrietzen
  • Rail technology moves to renovated facility
  • Stanztech invests €1.9 million on its first 630-tonne stamping and forming presses


  • GTMB constructs new machine shop with an area of ​​2,250 square metres.
  • Modernization of the former facility for the manufacture of intermittent train protection systems for use by Stanztech toolmaking

2006 – 2009

Further investment of approx. €12 million in CNC machine tools, 630-tonne stamping machines and welding robots.


  • approximately 340 employees
  • Another 750 square metres added to GTMB production hall after acquisition and integration of the Kaminski firm and its 15 employees

2008 – 2009

  • The site is affected by the general economic crisis, with sales falling by up to 40 percent
  • Through the intensive efforts of all team members, the crisis was weathered and the permanent staffing levels maintained


Stanztech GmbH, Umform- und Fügetechnik Eisenach and Kohl Group Polska join forces to become the automotive division of the Kohl Group with a shared presence on the market.


  • GTMB takes on complete turned part production for Siemens medium-voltage switches with 4 CNC lathes
  • GTSE begins production of pipes for Siemens SE Berlin


  • about 415 employees
  • further 1,034 square metres added to GTMB production hall and warehouse and 216 square metres in social spaces for employees
  • Upgraded heating system
  • Installation of a 900 square meter clean room facility in the existing GTSE building for Siemens pipe production