History of GTMB Metallteilfertigung GmbH


On 1 October 1996, GTMB Metallteilfertigung GmbH is founded continuing the operation of the former machining profit centre of Gerätewerk Treuenbrietzen GmbH. 55 employees are on staff.


Sales of DM 6 million are achieved in the first year. The product portfolio is trimmed and non-productive machines reinvested.

At the same time, GTMB began a targeted strategy of investing two turning or milling centres each year in line with market requirements.


The market is focused on customers in the construction and energy distribution industries.


Revenues of €6.8 million and 72 employees.


A major power distribution company moves machine processing to GTMB in Treuenbrietzen.


New GTMB production building (Building 13) for machine processing with an area of ​​2,250 m² and relocation within the Treuenbrietzen site; €14.7 million in sales with 91 employees.

Continuous investment in modern machinery
Continuous investment in modern machinery

2006 bis 2009

Annual investments of €1 million
in various CNC machine tools.


Extension of GTMB Building 13 by 750 sq. metres after acquisition and integration of the Kaminki company from Werder and its 15 employees. The merger adds to the customer base and skilled workers with experience.


GTMB is also affected by the general crisis.

Through successful crisis management in connection with the introduction of short-time work, the permanent staff is kept on and the crisis survived.


The Berlin site of another energy distribution company contracts GTMB for its complete turning production.  Revenue increases to €20.6 million and the number of employees rises to 124.


Extension of GTMB Building 13 by another 1,034 square metres manufacturing and warehouse space and 216 square metres staff social space.